I Code Coder Mentor Program


We understand your challenges…

  • Coder vacancies and vacations
  • Novice coders
  • The need to utilize contract coders to maintain your revenue cycle, and the list goes on…

We have a solution: HBS’ I CODE Coder Mentor Program.

Our solution allows you to “grow your own coders” and bridge the experience gap.

Here’s how it works:

  •  Our mentor program provides a rigorous and proven live web-based ICD-10-CM/PCS curriculum (not pre-recorded sessions)
  •  It's a 26-week program / 2 days per week / 80+ hours of lecture time / with case studies, exercises and quizzes to track understanding and proficiency
  •  Program features a combination of lecture + intense hands-on coding overseen by our certified ICD-10 instructors
  •  Participants will gain an advanced understanding of the coding guidelines and experience coding electronic health records and paper based charts
  •  Participants' progress is monitored and reported to you on a weekly basis, and
  •  Participants complete the program and are ready to hit the ground running as a seasoned coder at your facility.