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Introducing SDoH Assure

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Actual DRG Assure Results

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) can contribute to an individual’s overall health by as much as 80%. SDoH include factors such as literacy, housing, transportation, nutrition and safety issues and can be identified through the assignment of Z codes ranging from Z55-Z65. The Joint Commission (LD.04.03.08), CMS, NCQA and other regulators have adopted requirements for healthcare providers to address health disparities. To achieve compliance, you must capture, analyze and benchmark your data.

NJHA-HBS experts can help…

  • Validate your Z code capture with our coding experts to identify gaps or opportunities
  • Establish baseline Z code capture via a UB data analysis and stratify your data by Race, Age, Sex, County
  • Benchmark your Z Code capture internally and externally with other N.J. facilities
  • Increase awareness through virtual education programs designed for Coders and Clinical Teams
  • Establish a system for consistent tracking and trending SDoH data capture to help compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Participate in our IDEA Constituency Group to share and learn best practices.

To learn more about how social determinants impact healthcare, and how our SDoH Assure solution can help, a recording of our presentation can be accessed HERE.