You arrive in your office and find a Recovery Audit record request letter on your desk: hundreds of medical records, due back in 45 days. Someone has to pull and review the records, scan or copy them, log them into a spreadsheet and arrange for them to be sent to the RAC contractor before the 45th day. And that is just the beginning of your audit concerns.

HBS has a solution – AUDIT Trax.


  •  Provides a workflow tool for managing audits
  •  Manages internal and external audits
  •  Centralizes documentation for all audit activity
  •  Ensures compliance with stringent deadlines.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule affords patients certain rights relating to the uses and disclosures of their protected health information. Among those rights is the right to an “accounting of disclosures.”

The accounting must include all uses and disclosures of protected health information that were made for reasons other than treatment, payment or healthcare operations - disclosures that were made without the patient’s written authorization.

HBS has a solution – HIPAATrax.


  •  Delivers a practical solution to assist you in the Accounting of Disclosures under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, and
  •  Ensures that all disclosures are tracked and can be accounted for when a patient requests an Accounting of Disclosures.